As a child, I didn’t really have a passion, but rather a broad interest. That made it difficult to choose a study, so I switched from business administration to political science and back again to psychology. For a long time, I mainly did what was sensible and rolled into one good job after another in the field of policy advice, research and project management. For a long time, with my broad interests, I felt like an ‘odd duck’ and undervalued. I found it difficult to think about what my next career step would be. I and also some employers rather saw the lack of specialism as a burden. That experience made me decide to become a career coach.


As an independent career coach, I have the variety I love: creating clarity during great conversations, getting people moving by giving training sessions, inspiring others by writing blogs/vlogs, networking, etc. In 2020, when I read the book ‘How to Become Everything’ by my American colleague and centipede Emilie Wapnick, everything fell into place and I realised that myself and also many of my clients are so-called ‘multipotentialists’/’centipedes’/’versatile generalists’. Since then, as a career coach, I decided to focus mainly on versatile generalists. They often feel undervalued and I think that is an eternal shame. I like to help them create work that suits their talents, so that they get back to doing their jobs with a smile.

About my experience as a generalist

Decisive, energetic and action-oriented

Too often I still come across fantastic, versatile people who doubt themselves, do not dare to make choices and constantly compare themselves to others, do not consider themselves good enough. I think that is a shame! As a coach, I like to help you realise that you can also experience reality differently. That you are worth being seen and heard and that you yourself can create flow again so that you go to work with a smile on your face. This is why I like to create a sense of freedom in my coaching sessions, where there are opportunities to change things. Beach and sea also give me that sense of freedom. There is a lot of light, the horizon is visible and everything is possible. At the same time, I am action-oriented, down to earth, I look forward and not backward, and I make sure you start working consciously to bring about change. I am an optimist at heart and will never judge you. Decisive, energetic and action-oriented is what typifies me.

What else you need to know about me

Besides coaching, I am partner of Tom and mother of three children. In my spare time, I enjoy tennis, fitness and running . At my running club, I am also called ‘willpower coach’. My guilty pleasure is knitting, watching Swedish series, sleeping in a hammock and I love reading books. In 2021, together with two colleagues, I founded the inspiring Career Reading Club where trade books are discussed and lived through.

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Concrete handles

" Marcella is a positive and enthusiastic coach who really pays attention to you and works in a structured way. She provides many concrete tools that really got me moving. It is now much clearer to me what I find important in a job and what I have to offer concretely as a person."

Understanding qualities

"Marcella connects in an open, pleasant, bubbly way. Doesn't hesitate to ask you the right questions. She respects you but also confronts you with your own being and actions. She gives insights into your qualities and builds on your own learning goals from there. Take it on, you always come away wiser."

Giving direction

"Marcella is a very committed and incisive coach with whom you can speak your mind and make real strides. She asks questions and listens when needed, and gives you a push in the right direction when the time is right. I would recommend her to anyone."

Growing self-confidence

"For a while I really didn't know where to go with my career. The career coaching programme with Marcella turned out to be a golden opportunity. By looking back at what I had done so far, identifying my qualities and listing what I find important in my work and life, I gained self-insight and my self-confidence grew. Marcella coached me in a stimulating and positive-critical way. The programme gave me the courage to choose to become self-employed. My first assignment is a fact and it feels good!



Teacher of coaching skills and supervisor at Vista Nova, School for Career and Leadership.

As a coach, I also work for CoachHub Academy, Gradus Groep, Matchcare

I am also part of the network Bewust Haarlem.

Furthermore, you can find me at Coachfinder, Psychology magazine’s platform for coaches. Finally, I am also a political science graduate with a propaedeutic Psychology degree.


Coach for officials via InterCoach


Post-HBO vocational training for Career Counsellor, Vista Nova

Recognised Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. The ICF standard standards for becoming a coach are at a high professional level.

Approved Registered Career Coach certified by NOLOC, the professional association for career professionals and job coaches.

Certified TMA-Teams professional

Master in political science, University of Amsterdam (cum laude)

Propedeuse Psychology, University of Amsterdam

Coached on behalf of:

Gemeente Amsterdam