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What would it be like for you to do work in which you fully realize your potential and show the best of yourself? I help you create work that really suits you and gives you energy. This can be within your current job or in a new job. As a result, you’ll be a much nicer person at home, too. Do you want to:

Insight into your talents

Get a better understanding of your talents and therefore more self-confidence.


Focus on what you are good at and what matters to you. You know what you can do and what you want.


Create clarity about what work really suits you, make a choice you support and take that next career step.

To be persuasive

Showcase yourself powerfully. Profile yourself and apply convincingly with a clear CV and LinkedIn profile.


Div offer


Get started yourself and download the free eBook here with a handy and practical assignment to deal smarter with energy guzzlers in your work. The first step to creating work that really suits you. Download it here.


Under my guidance, get started on your career right away. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, make choices and actually take action. All the insights will help you steer the right course.

Do you recognise this?

You know this job is not making you happy, but you are not sure what. You stick with your current work, knowing it’s not a good fit for you. But because you don’t know what else to do, you stay with your current work. Still, the feeling regularly creeps up on you: is this it, am I going to do this work until retirement? Take action and find out through my coaching. You don’t want to think later: if only I had…Dream, dare, do! Action. You get so much more energy and you become a nicer person at home when you feel in place and doing what really suits you.

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